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New Product Design

  • SolidWorks, Pro-E, 2D and 3D drawings

    (CAD) Computer Aided Design, (CAM) Computer Aided Manufacturing & (CAE) Computer Aided Engineering Software, for creating illustrations or 3D models.

  • 3D Printing

    In-house 3D printing means you get it done right, and fast!

  • Packaging

    KAI Engineering can assist with packing design and creation. Providing a total end-to-end product development solution.

  • Plastics and Metal Tooling

    We can create tips, tools, molds, fittings, and any other items needed for your manufacturer to quickly and efficiently "tool up" the assembly line to create your product.

  • Prototyping Soft & Hard Tooling

    Hard or soft tooling is the difference between using hard or soft material. For example Urethane (soft tooling) vs Aluminum (hard tooling). This is usually a cost issue based on projected volume (I.E. soft tooling will wear out at higher volumes, but is much cheaper to create over hard tooling).

  • Injection Molding

    Injection molding is injecting molten plastic(s) in a mold then rapidly cooling the parts to produce large amounts of parts, for low cost.

  • Diecast

    Very similar to injection molding, with the exception that metals are used more often in place of plastics.

The above abilities, and many more, are just a few of the areas KAI Engineering can advise you, and assist you, in bringing your product to market efficiently.

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