Product Design Firm

Product Design for product developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors or even tinkerers. KAI Engineering offers a all levels of services to bring your product to market, including complete product management & marketing.

We have converted 100's of idea's into marketable products with our three step process:

1 Product Design

Designing a product starts with flushing out the idea. From market research, to patenting your idea, KAI can help you find your competitive edge.


2 Engineering & Prototyping

Our Product Design Engineers have over 200 years of combined experience, ensuring your product is built right. We can overcome manufacturing problems before they happen, guiding you to a bright and successful product launch. Our team will do patent/trademark searches and advise on marketing, product pricing, and offer turn-key product management.


3 Marketing your Product

KAI Engineering can assist you with bringing your new product to market with a complete marketing plan. From building your website and content creation, to product videos and funding platforms like Kickstarter, or IndieGOGO. Let our experience guide you to market!

View Some Real KAI Engineering Product Development Examples