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Firmware, PC Software, Wireless and Server

  • Custom Firmware (all major brands of MCUs and IOT devices)

    Custom Firmware is critical to the operation of your device, but can also protect you in the market by making your unique functions harder to copy, or easier to protect (patent or trademark). KAI Engineering's in-house programing team works with all major Microcontroller Units (MCU) and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

  • PC and Server Side Software SAAS

    Software as a Service (SAAS), or on-demand software, has become the standard licensing model in recent years. KAI Engineering is fully equipped to address the specific licensing and distribution needs of your software.

  • Expertise in Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi

    As products become smarter and more integrated, it is increasingly important to understand the different Near Field Communication (NFC) options.

  • Mobile Apps IOS and Android

    Complete mobile APP development.

  • Interactive Websites with Over-The-Air Upgrade

    In addition to our marketing services, more website features, and Over the Air (OTA) updates and maintenance are another area KAI Engineer stays ahead of the competition.