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PCB Design, Assembly & Fabrication

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design is much more than just fulfilling the task the board is intended for. Each tiny chip or component on that board has a function and requirements. These components can affect efficiency, lifespan, production & manufacturing costs, market restrictions (lead for example), firmware, complexities from mixing technologies and much more.

KAI Engineering has the experience to educate and assist you with each of these decisions. Our in-house U.S. based team of engineers can quickly and efficiently prototype your PCB board, build the firmware and manage the complexities of manufacturing – commonly referred to as DSF (Design For Manufacturing).

  • Schematic Capture and Layout

    Schematic capture is a step in the Electric Design Automation (EDA) process where the electronic diagram, or schematic is created by our in-house designer.

  • PCB Fabrication

    Where we build the circuit board based on the schematic designs.

  • PCB Assembly

    Also known as Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), is the process of mounting the other electronics. Generally speaking, the PCB itself provides a mechanical mount to support and connect these components, while the components themselves provide the functionality.

  • Test and Inspection

    Testing & inspection of PCB boards greatly varies based on purpose, complexity, manufacturing concerns (DFM) and more. Another reason Kai Engineering's experience and in-house facilities are you best choice for your PCB product development.

  • One Week Quick Turn-Around for PCB and PCBA

    U.S. based highly experienced engineers and a high-tech production environment allow for fast turn-around & Rapid Prototyping.

  • Pre-testing for UL, FCC, CE and others

    Minimalize certification & compliance issues with our pre-testing.

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